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What to do in New Orleans?


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  • Added on: July 23rd, 2013
I'm headed to New Orleans for Labor Day weekend. I know it will be crazy hot, so I wondered if anyone had any tips on indoor activities for the afternoons? Or outdoor things that are so awesome I'll forget to notice how sweaty I am? I've never been to New Orleans before, so I'm open to doing pretty much anything. All advice is welcome! Thanks :)


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  • Added on: July 24th, 2013
Assuming you're near the Quarter...

There's the obvious -- grab a drink, of course! My favorites:
    -Monsoon at Port of Call
    -The classic Hurricane at Pat O'Brien's (has indoor and outdoor seating)

Getting beignets at the Cafe Du Monde location in the Quarter is a must!
BUT.. if you need to cheat, they also have a location in the Riverwalk Mall (also near the Quarter). It gets a zero in terms of a cultural experience, but you get a tasty beignet in full-blown A/C, and there usually isn't much of a crowd.

Pop in to St Louis Cathedral and take a look around. It's the oldest cathedral in the US that still has services... and it has A/C. :tup:

I've also escaped to Harrah's Casino, which is just across Canal Street. It's also within walking distance of the Quarter.

    -The Aquarium and Insectarium are both close to the Quarter and provide a bit of educational respite.
    -The National WWII Museum is a drive from the Quarter, but I hear it's awesome. It may be closed on Labor Day, not sure.
    -If you like football, try a tour of the Super Dome.

If you want to venture out of the Quarter (which you should!)...

    - Magazine Street is a cool street with lots of cool shops and plenty of restaurants, cafes, and bars.
    - I love the Warehouse District, particularly Julia Street. There are lots of art studios, and a cool bar called Lucy's.

Another good way to cool off is to get a snoball, a NOLA speciality -- basically a deliciously juicy snow cone. Plum Street (in Uptown) is a favorite amongst locals, including Drew Brees. ;)

New Orleans is a great favorite in the world. You will have a fantastic time!
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  • Added on: July 24th, 2013
Awesome tips! Thanks! Definitely writing those down... Also, I've never heard of a Snoball, but just did some Googling and they look awesome. Very excited for that :)


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  • Added on: October 18th, 2013
Since Labor Day weekend is Southern Decadence, I wish I had seen this sooner. It makes for a hilarious first trip to the city, especially if you have no idea what you're in for.

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