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What you don't hear about in Dubai.

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  • Added on: January 27th, 2011
I am a 23 year old Canadian girl living and working in Dubai, UAE. I wanted to share my story somewhere as I cannot go to authorities. You may be asking why not but do some research on Dubai, it is a Muslim country and sexual activities out of wedlock will put you in jail, whether it is consensual or not. There have been many cases where women and even men no matter what age have been raped and reported it and instead of the rapist going to jail, the victim has. Women here are scared to say anything about such attacks in fear they will be jailed, fired, dishonoured by their families, and or deported.
My story: I was out with friends having a few drinks nothing too crazy as I wasn't feeling up to it. We ended up at Zinc nightclub at Crowne Plaza and were hanging with three local gentlemen that my friend had met the week before. One had admitted he was a Sheikh (they all do). My friends were a little intoxicated and just up and left as we all live right across the street, they sent me a text letting me know. So I decided to leave as well. The supposed Sheikh offered me a ride home as he said it wasn't safe going alone and was being a gentleman. I agreed cause he made sense and I was only a few minutes away. We were talking and he seemed like a nice guy. He wanted to show me where the Palace was, I was being polite so said yes. We pulled into the Palace and he parked the car. I asked him what he was doing. He took off his pants in a second and got onto my lap in the passenger seat that I was strapped into. I told him to get off me but he forced himself on me and started kissing me. I struggled to get him off me and then he started striking my face and strangling me. I couldn't breathe and begged through gasps to stop. Each time I got his hands off my neck and breathe he was on me again striking me repeatedly and choking me. He said I am going to kill you, I am going to kill you and get away with it. I will pay off your family. I will get a gun and kill you. I thought I was going to die right there and did everything in my power to fight him. I poked his eyes, fought back but nothing I could do helped. As he was beating me again and again I lied and said I had to pee and to be nice to me. He wouldn't let me go. Finally something clicked and he stopped maybe it was me praying out loud to God and Allah (Arabic God). I started crying and he apologized, turned on the car and drove me home. He seemed very upset and was very disappointed in himself. I just wanted to get the fuck out of there. At home crying by myself I looked online for help. But the more research I did the more it looked like I was out of luck. Every incident reported in sexual assault or rape the women were prosecuted and the man not. I know it is unfair and I am saddened by this way of life. So I am going to start a mission, to help women in my shoes who have no one to turn to. We need to talk about these issues, they are important and need to be solved. Until then I am sharing my story with the world in hopes it helps someone else out there. I am okay. I have dealt with things like this before but back home where I could turn to the police and know I will have a voice. Today my neck is a big bruise from his hands, my lip is cut and fat, my skull is sore, nose bloody, and face bruised like never before. I am a survivor. I am so lucky worse didn't happen and lucky to be alive. I will take everything out of this horrible experience and help put women in my situation.


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Oh my god that is a terrible story, my heart goes out to you and I hope you will be OK.
Sadly I too have heard all the stories, I have friends living in Dubai and its not just that women are second class citizens but as a foreigner pointing the finger at a local you would have doubly no chance, let alone a sheikh - if that's indeed what he was.
I have no idea what could be done if anything at all, the odds sadly are stacked against you.
Life is such an adventure, I can't wait to live it some more.


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  • Added on: February 2nd, 2011
May you open to your pain with care
May you be loved
May you live your life in ease.

I say these things because no logical words can possibly make you feel any better, and I agree, its not a good idea to press this, especially in a country where even young boys and girls are sexual toys for the rich. You know the situation better than I do, and I don't presume to give advice.

The main question is: do you want to leave Dubai now that you are aware of the essential un-safe situation you live in? Clearly you won't be taking rides from strangers any time soon.

It might be a good idea to get some sexual assault counseling in a place where such things are valued, but then, if you think you can cope with it, that' may have to be enough, especially if your survival depends on staying in the country,

Good luck, and may you open to your pain with care, may you be loved and live your life in ease.

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