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Wheelchair friendly holiday accomodation reviews


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  • Added on: October 19th, 2006
We found our first disabled holiday accommodation abroad by accident on the internet and took the risk, which turned out to be lucky. Our son Christopher is a disabled wheelchair user, and we now love to go on holiday, but were frightened for many years.

While looking for our next break we have found an apartment that is "disabled friendly", but the bathroom doorway is too narrow for a wheelchair to fit through.
We also found another that is perfect, were it not for the six steep steps leading up to the front door.

We are building up a freeresource of disabled friendly accommodation that is only reviewed and recommended by a disabled person, family member or carer (No spin).

We need people to send information of where they have been and give us some feedback about them. If they have some photos that would be great as we all like to know what other places look like.
Our aim is that many other people in the same situation will also benefit from all we can collect and show.

We are collecting this information at which is non profit and independent.



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  • Added on: December 3rd, 2006
In September 2006, non-commercial WheelyAccessible published a new website specifically for showing reviews of wheelchair friendly holiday accommodation . With the grand total of two reviews and lots of good wishes, we had a couple of visitors each day.

During October and November we were contacted by many disabled travellers, some sent reviews and others promised to email us once their travels were over. WheelyAccessible reviews still numbered less than ten but we were receiving over three hundred visitors each month to read those we had to share. When you next visit you will see our reviews have doubled as have the number of visitors reading them.

This is a big "Thank you" for your support to those that have sent us a review (and composing one). We have also received photos for many reviews from other sources. If anyone is worried that they cannot send a review without a photo, others can send us a photo to complement it.

Please please please send us your reviews to share with others. If you have a picture that could go with someone elses review we can use them also.
We have reviews from America, Bali, Bulgaria, England, Ireland, Mediterranean cruise, Portugal, Spain, Scotland...

Drop by and check out our new reviews at
You will also find our email address on the website.


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