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Where are all the old buggers?


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Lost in Place
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  • Added on: June 10th, 2009
I think Frommers is more to the liking of tourists as opposed to travelers, which is what Bootsnall is geared towards.
"Whatever you can or dream you can, begin it. Boldness has genius, power and magic in it". Goethe


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Thorn Tree Refugee
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  • Added on: July 1st, 2009
Hi old goats...this yeroldyeti is stranded in Nepal twenty years ago and still kicking. No way that yeroldyeti ever goes back to the Netherlands! Yuck...! Nepal is his home now for such a looooong time. And traveling? Sure....around Nepal and into every nook and corner of the beautiful landscape...to eat exotic things like crickets, termites, sweet water shrimps...drink chang with the locals, get drunk from home brewed rakshi...dance, joke and fool around if any fools wanna watch. There are so many trekkers and tourists coming from all over the world...greenhorns...air-travel addicts....with no idea how to travel long distance overland with a magic bus or filthy truck (or on a camel's back) Har-har....these times seem gone but still .... :)


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  • Added on: July 2nd, 2009
If they are like me they are putting the finishing touches to upcoming RTW plans & haven't figured out they are old yet. ;)
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Knows What a Schengen Visa Is
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  • Added on: July 3rd, 2009
I'll be working on my RTW until my son goes to college (8 years :0 ) and by then I'll be truly old. I already told him to study hard because I was spending his "college fund" on a Llama.
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  • Added on: July 10th, 2009
Well, this "middling old" bugger (late 40's) has been travelling off-and-on since 1987 and has no intention of stopping. I still carry a backpack, catch trains, buses and ferries, read guidebooks and organize the lot on my own. All my travelogues (with photos) are on my web site at http://PaulKilfoil.webs.com.

Some differences between now and then :

(1) Now I email and blog while I'm on the road (see link above) - no more postcards.
(2) No more sleeping in train stations - I can afford a comfy bed every night (but not necessarily a 5-star one).
(3) I now have a wife and son to consider, which is a lot tougher than when I was on my own.
(4) Now I take a digital photo of anything I like without worrying about developing the stuff.
(5) Crossing borders is a lot more cumbersome than before - way more security checks and questions.
(6) Getting a Schengen visa is a *#$*@*&! pain ..... but it does make travelling around Europe easy when you have it.
http://PaulKilfoil.webs.com/Travelogues.htm (travelogues & photos from 1987)


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Lost in Place
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  • Added on: July 14th, 2009
Still kicking. Over a million miles in the past decade. Actually, in the last three years, I traveled more than in my younger days. I revisited old haunts like istanbul,brussels,and ireland amongst others.


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Squat Toilet Professional
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  • Added on: July 22nd, 2009
Was offered a job in London, UK and decided to go for it! Took the plunge---quit a very good job in the US, put my house there up for rent, and will be loving every bite of the bacon roll I'm having for breakfast I'm having tomorrow morning on my out of the Great Portland Street tube station :).

The world is a book, and those who do not travel read only one page. ---St. Augustine


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  • Added on: August 7th, 2009
Use to frequent the LP thorntree forum alot with several hundred posts before BBC World bought controlling share of LP and changed the fomat. All through my teenage years & most of my 20s I looked at people a certain age as "old" but by the time I hit 30 I became wise enough from meeting hundreds of people "on the road" that I changed my whole attitude since then like 25 years ago. I have met some very youngish people in their 60s and people like my sister for example was so OLD and narrow minded and needy at 16 years old already. Anyway depending on your viewpoint here I am, an "old bugger" as many may classify me at 55 years young as ever.

At 50, in 2004 after our daughter finished high school and enrolled at the University of Hawaii at Manoa ( just graduated this past May 16 YIPPPEEEE YAHOOOO) I took off back to Kathmandu to go trekking via Thailand and Cambodia for 9 weeks.

In 2005 took off overland for 2 months from Northern Suluwesi all across Indonesia to Lake Toba and Aceh in northern Sumatra, then up through Thailand to Cambodia, Vitenam and Laos before heaing HOME after 3 months to the Philippines ( Manila and Boracay island ).

In 2006 flew to Munich got on a train to Prague, rented a car and drove around Eastern Europe visiting briefly 9 new countries, dropped off the car and was ready to ehad for Albania, Italy, Sicily Sardinia & Corsica when received a sort of emergency email from my wife so canceled and headed HOME back to the beach.

Still looking forward to traveling the Med and all of its islands for maybe a 3 month trip in the next few years. Also an old friend based in Kathmandu from Mulktinat (sp?) near the Tibetan border in Mustang province just showed up in Manila a few months ago, the first time I'd seen him sicne 2004. His mountain village use to be 6 days walk from Pokhara but now for a short window of 2-1/2 months / year it's possible to go by bus in 8 to ten hours. So my wife has not been to Nepal so we may make that trip this coming March thru May 2010
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