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where to for Day of the Dead in Mexico

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  • Added on: July 19th, 2012
I am going to Mexico this fall to see the Day of the Dead celebrations and I was wondering where would be the best place to go? I am coming up from Guatamala and would like to go somewhere between the border and Mexico City as that is the way I am heading. I was also wondering whether it is hard to travel in Mexico around November 1st and 2nd because of the holiday/festival?



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Most of the celebrations will be at the cemeteries in the evening. There will also be Altars set up honoring those who are no longer alive.
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The City of Oaxaca is noted for its Day of the Dead cemetery visits. Actually the week leading to the first cemetery visit of October 31 is a fun time in Oaxaca because the shops and hotels decorate with altars and the streets are turned over to artist to create sand painting and altar demonstrations.

A popular town to visit is Xoxocotlan on October, 31, just a few miles south of Oaxaca City, because the town celebrates its Day of the Dead in two Cemeteries, the old cemetery and the new cemetery. Both are full of candles and marigold flowers, strolling musicians and families sitting by the graves in a vigil waiting for the return of the spirits. The old cemetery is a magic place of densely packed gravesites ablaze with thousands of candles.

On October 31, the village of Atzompa holds a later cemetery vigil starting around 11 pm. This is a less crowded cemetery where the vigil goes on throughout the night accompanied by modern salsa and cumbia music.
Three other cemeteries are in the area and easily reached. The Oaxaca City Cemetery, Panteon General, November 1. This cemetery can be walked from the Zocalo.
Tlalixtac de Cabrera celebrates November 1. This village is six miles south east of Oaxaca City and celebrates exuberantly with brass bands and strolling guitar groups.
San Felipe del Agua, November 2, a few miles north of Oaxaca City center, San Felipe is a quiet neighborhood cemetery that can be reached by taxi for 60 pesos or public bus. Many villages in the Oaxaca Valley hold ceremonies and can be visited by tour , bus, or auto.
The people of Oaxaca are predominantly of the Zapotec Culture and have an approach to death that is different than the western way. Death to them is not necessarily sad; it is part of the cycle of life. They are proud of their decorations and welcome the visitor.
Coming from the south, you will probably go through Tapachula, Chiapas and can reach Oaxaca City by first class OCC bus.
If you email me I will send you a schedule of the events.

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The best place in Mexico for Day of the Dead is Mixquic, in the southeastern part of Mexico City. Closer to Guatemala, Oaxaca City is an excellent place too.

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