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What forms of caffeine do you eat/drink?

Tea / Chai (Ice or hot)
Coke/Pepsi/Sprite/Dr Pepper/Mountain Dew/Other carbonated
Quat / Cocoa leaves / Other substance
None of the above
Total votes : 54

Who doesn't drink / eat caffeine?


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  • Added on: February 20th, 2011
Have successfully eliminated coffee from my DIEt. And black / green tea and ice teas....been caffeine free from these sources for some time now since my last posting...still drinking caffeine free herbal teas now and again. Ate some Hershey miniatures recently...but that may be the last time for those and most chocolates - I think M&Ms are still calling me....

I would still drink Oolong or Yerba Mate (Lots of caffeine in that)...but since neither is conveniently available...I have not partaken.

Funny quote about being called Kafe - KathrynD. The "th" sound is like DE in English. For example - in Brazil the word for WHERE is ONDE (Pronounced ON-Gee). That word is missing the D in the Spanish version D-ONDE.

I didn't start drinking coffee until 30/31 too...never had a full cup prior. My caffeine then was from soda and tea.


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  • Added on: April 7th, 2011
I mostly drink tea at night at my buddy's house. He is from Indonesia so is used to drinking strong and bitter Turkish tea. We talk and laugh. Simple but it's good for you: laughs and tea.


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  • Added on: April 7th, 2011
I'm curious - how do you feel after giving up caffeine? Do you feel more energetic and hydrated??

I'm currently 80% caffeine - but I'm on a quest to free my life from addictions LOL (I don't use drugs - I'm talking food and fluid addictions!).


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  • Added on: April 7th, 2011
A friend of mine has given up caffeine completely and he tells me almost every week that he doesn't have that "panicky/nervy" feeling anymore. Also, he sleeps (and poops) a lot better. T.M.I. ? :?


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  • Added on: April 14th, 2011
I actually consume VERY little caffeine if any at all. I really do try and avoid it by only drinking herbal teas and red teas. I don't drink soda except Virgil's Root Beer from time to time, I don't ever drink coffee, and I don't even like chocolate so I don't ever really consume it. If I do, it's usually out of my control. Caffeine free is the way to go! You're liberated and not controlled by any substances that can affect your mental state and/or wellbeing. I don't believe the people who say "a little caffeine and wine are good for you". You can thrive perfectly fine if you exercise and eat right and cut out all the unnecessary crap.
"Change is the essence of life. Be willing to surrender what you are for what you could become."

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  • Added on: April 20th, 2011
When I'm at home, I brew a pot of loose Indian black tea every morning. In the afternoon and evening, I make iced tea from what's left. Three pounds of loose tea at $5/pound fills most of my home beverage needs for a year.

When I travel, I prefer tea -- té manzanilla in Mexico, yerba mate in Argentina, and black or green tea everywhere else -- when I can find it.

Read my blog on the subject.


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