Like it or love it, most of us have to work for a living. This is the place to commiserate with other cube-dwellers and get tips from other business travelers. Talk about how the daily grind will one day allow you to realize your vagabond dreams. Share tips for turning travel you have to do into travel you want to do.

Why do you like/dislike your job?


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  • Added on: December 4th, 2010
I've had some pretty crap jobs. Since returning from my first trip though, I was recently hired by Whole Foods! Seems a pretty good transition to go from farm worker to produce clerk. I've only been working for 2 weeks but here's my initial impression.

What I like
1. The pay is pretty good
2. Decent coworkers
3. Working with produce
4. Starting at 10am
5. 20% discount card

What I dislike
1. Paid every two weeks
2. Snooty, rude, and bourgie customers
3. 8 hours days even as a part-timer
4. Living far from the store
5. At the end of the day it's still a job that I have to routinely wake up for where I do the same things every day which is basically looking busy fixing the displays and stacking produce. There's not much else to do.
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larizzle wrote:Ha! EXACTLY, exactly, exactly. But if you're grip/camera op, you can join a union, right? But then there's union dues, I suppose. I fully sympathize with the relocation aspect, hence why I've stayed put so far.

I dont do unions. I cant justify paying that much money at this point in my career when nothing guarantees will get more work. I have heard of another Florida grip who was strong-armed into joining the local union, but thats only because he had so much work and the union was feeling short changed. So I will wait until that happens to me... If I could be so lucky.

I guess the other thing I like about freelance video/photo work is that I can take a year off to take pretty pictures in Australia and when I come back I can say on my resume that I was "working on a photography project in Australia" I think it sounds better than saying I took a year off to find myself or something like that.

By the way, where you at, LA?
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  • Added on: December 8th, 2010
Interesting. I guess it depends what part of the country you're in and how often union jobs come through. For us, union shows come through two or three times a year, so I guess it's worth it to the crew to join.

travel droppings wrote:
By the way, where you at, LA?

I'm in Nashville. There's a surprising amount of work here, although a couple times a year I consider relocating to New Orleans.

Another perk to our job is the ability to write off entertainment-related things, and sometimes travel. 8-)


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