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Why travel RTW?


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  • Added on: March 20th, 2007
I've never really thought of doing a RTW trip before. What draws you to making a RTW trip over another kind that's more route or destination focused?

For example, I'd like to travel in Belize, Guatemala and the Yucatan. I'd like to spend some more time in SEA. (Both of these are compact areas.) I'd like to travel through Indonesia from Singapore to Bali or take the Trans-Siberian. (Two longer, "routes"). These could all be done as 2-3 month trips.

What are the advantages of a RTW trip over this kind of travel? Is it the length of time, the attraction of spending a year on the road? Is it easier to take a year off for some people than a couple months? Are there other reasons?

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  • Added on: March 20th, 2007
I asked a very similar question in this ancient thread: The Great Round the World Debate Lots of opinions in there.


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  • Added on: March 20th, 2007
I think for the most part, it's about having the time off. When you're talking multi-month, most people have to quit their jobs. For people who have some sort of career in mind, quitting on a regular basis tends not to help them progress, so it's usually better to have only one occasion, and see all the areas you want to spend extended periods, instead of repetitively giving everything up and having to start over.

I took my "give up everything" trip last year, and it wasn't RTW, but I can see what the attraction of that would be. But, having done it once, I don't really want to give everything up again.


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  • Added on: March 20th, 2007
Getting time off work was the deciding factor for me. The trip started as just a month off and when the request for any time over 2 weeks was denied, the trip took on a life of its own. I had to quit my job.

I also had the impression it would be a one time thing, that such a journey would get the travel bug out of my system so I'd be more content to settle down later. Ha! Was I wrong about that! It just made me want to travel more more more.


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  • Added on: March 24th, 2007
Looking back, I'd say an RTW is a perfect way to have a glimps at different parts of the world. Get a bit a feel for it. I would never do a second RTW. Not because it was not fun or I didn't enjoy it...but I like spending more time in particular regions. I find, I get more out of it. However, for most people, the RTW is the first time going overseas for a longer period of time. How do you know that you like traveling in Asia over traveling in the Pacific beforehand? That a RTW can show you. It gives you a 'summary' of traveling...and afterwards you can decide where you want to spend more time.
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  • Added on: March 24th, 2007
I'm one of those who will be quitting the job for a RTW. I've been in my current jobs for about 5 years now, and things are getting stale and boring, so it's time for a change... I was bitten by the travel bug 3 years ago on my first trip to europe for a 3 week vacation, and then I found this forum and found out people travelled longer than that at times! So since that trip I've paid off my credit cards and started saving up for the RTW... what better time to do it than being young (29), with no holdbacks or relationships, etc.


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  • Added on: March 26th, 2007
RTW trips come in all variety, length and sizes. Everyone has different ideas of what a RTW is. Personally I do not think there is any right or wrong answer and it does all depend on the individual.

My next RTW will be about 12 months in duration but I will not be quitting my job to do it this time, a combination on leave and leave without pay. So for me it's not the whole 'I have to give up my job issue'.

I like taking my time, one of the reasons I like the whole RTW thing. For me as well the airfares getting in and out of Aust, medical stuff, insurance etc all take up a massive amount of money so I would rather go for longer. I just can not see spending that amount of money for a 2 week holiday.

Oh and my RTW will be more like go to South / Central America for 10 - 11 months and take the other way home with a few stops thrown in, as in perhaps the Trans Mongolian and a little of China on the way home. So not really a RTW in the traditional sense. But RTW all the same!
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  • Added on: March 26th, 2007
RTWs allow me to do the one thing I love doing the most for an extened period. Travel! I love beig different places and taking my time doing it. I get real frustrated on short trips as there is always a deadline. I hate having to follow a schedule when I'm travelling. Although I'm just the opposite about work. It's like I'm two distinct people, the travelling me and the working me. I want goals and deadlines at work and none when I travel that's the big draw for RTW for me.
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  • Added on: March 27th, 2007
I took a RTW in my gap year - the idea for it came together relatively last-minute. Originally I wanted to go to the USA, then also to Australia, and the rest kind of fell into place... (Malaysia, Japan, New Zealand). It was the most incredible trip I'd ever taken at that stage, but I wouldn't do it again. elAdi is right that it's a great for tasting different cultures.

As others have said, it's not that I didn't enjoy it but on reflection it was rather rushed, and the scale of the trip was a bit over-awing. I would definitely recommend going RTW if you want to, especially if it's likely to be your only "give up everything" trip. Conversely, if you want to spend three months in one region, then go for it. Choice is your best friend here!
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