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Working Holiday in New Zealand This Winter


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  • Added on: February 8th, 2011
Hi guys,

I am newbie here and i am not sure this is the correct place i post this topic. By the way, I am planning go to NZ this July with WHV. I will do this alone and would like find travel buddies do this together. Anyone had done this before can give some opinions where can i find the farm job and where can i stay? Any reply will be great help to me. Thanks. :D



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I've never done it, but I sure hope to one day!
Have you checked out Picking Jobs? It's a website that lists farm work from around the world. Again, I've never tried so I'm not sure how well it works. http://www.pickingjobs.com/

the best of luck to ya!
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  • Added on: February 9th, 2011
Hey there,

I spent 7 months in NZ and spent 3 weeks at a winery and 2 or 3 months at an apple orchard pruning apple trees.
I was there from Sept-March so I don't know if there are jobs or what kind of jobs there are, but if you plan on moving to Nelson, we worked in nearby Motueka. We just hitched or took the Tasman Bus everyday (about 45 mins out). We worked at Bronte Orchards (the bus driver will know where it is). You could check there! They also have accomodations (free I think? or very cheap) for their workers. I forget the name of the winery but it's right next door.

Have a great time!


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I used to do summer fruit picking - and always stayed in workers' accomodation - basic but perfectly adequate, usually free. Not sure how much work there would be over winter.
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You will be fine.

Check out......


Lots of jobs!

Otherwise lots of hostels in the major centers will sort you out with a job, plus you will get to meet heaps of fellow travellers, so you won't be on your own for long.

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also a newbie. Does anyone know if you need to get a tax number and how to do that for the work holiday visa?
I will be in NZ from Sept - anyone else around?


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  • Added on: March 18th, 2011
Not hard at all to find casual work here. Farm/orchard work might be a little thin in the winter but picks up in the spring. Good links given above re: where/when for ag work and most hostels in those areas are really good about helping you organize work and giving you a cheaper weekly rate if you're going to be picking somewhere for a couple months. Nelson/Motueka is a great spot to base yourself and do picking work for a while-- proximity to Golden Bay, Marlborough Sounds, Nelson Lakes, West Coast gives a nice variety of options for weekend trips. If you want hospitality type work in the winter Queenstown/Wanaka is a good place to start looking as they're the main towns that service the skifields down south.

Yeah, get an IRD number.I think depending on how long you're here +/- 180 days determines whether you're a 'tax resident'. If less than 180 days I think you can claim it back from IRD (to pay it to IRS.)
Getting an IRD # is real simple. Submit this form, and then you can call a week later and get your #
http://www.ird.govt.nz/resources/f/c/fc ... /ir595.pdf

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