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year abroad in SE Asia or China


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  • Added on: November 30th, 2010
It seems half the people on travel forums think Westerners with no proper papers should just stay home, while others believe there is always a way to get by. As I have met the latter while traveling in Thailand I know that's true but I'm realistic enough to understand the former argument of it being a possible waste of time. Anyways I was hoping to get out of the States for at least year to get an outside perspective as there are no jobs here and I live off virtually nothing.

Quick question though. Besides teaching English, what about teaching computer skills in even possibly remote areas of Thailand or China? I have a few years of desktop workstation and Linux server support experience.

Anyone know of any websites for finding jobs to teach kids and/or adults these skills? Or perhaps someone knows of someone who needs help in this area?

I'm actually willing to go anywhere I can find work on the Asian continent.


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It all comes down to visas. To work in China, you will need to be sponsored. Like almost everywhere in the world, one of the main criteria to hire a foreigners is they fill a role local people can't. Realistically, the opportunities to get sponsored to teach computers in China, which has 21% of world internet users, is impractical.

Without language skills of the countries you want to visit, teaching anything other than English is a non-starter. While there may be a small market in the major cities (Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou) there will be no market in "remote" areas.

International schools will hire English speakers fora variety of subjects (including computer studies), but without a degree in teaching, this is again a non-starter.

Teaching sport related skills can be a means to get a visa, but again, unless you're a former Olympic athlete.
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I was thinking maybe I could enroll in a Thai language school for a year which cost $800 and gets you a year education visa. Granted you can't work but maybe as you learn some basic Thai it oculd help to get a job somewhere. This option would cost a lot as I was thinking around $12k for the year to support myself but maybe even 6 months would be a nice option and long enough time to enjoy myself abroad. Any opinions on this option?


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