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Yoga and meditation in India on a low-budget?


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  • Added on: January 31st, 2009
Hello everyone

I'm interested in studying yoga (any style, really) and doing some meditation while in India. I'm willing to commit a few weeks, but definitely on a tight budget. I was wondering if anyone has any experience with staying at an ashram where one can work daily in exchange for room/board/yoga/meditation. I've heard it can be pretty full-on and I'm completely prepared for that. (I work long hours as a way of life) I've studied Ashtanga yoga and various forms thereof for the past 6 years.

Any info, websites, advice?

Cheers :D
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  • Added on: February 4th, 2009
Try checking out

They are all about Vipassana Meditation and work on donation basis only.
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I stayed at Anand Prakash. They offer two classes of hatha yoga daily. I'm not aware of any work-for-room inboard programs but you can stay in a super clean double w/ attached bathroom for 500 Rs (approx $10.00) and that includes everything (two yoga classes, and three meals a day). Rishikesh was a great experience for me personally...I suggest you look into your long-term stay there.
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